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Your Financial Picture

This checklist is designed to look at your financial picture so you can achieve your financial goals.

What are your Financial Goals?

– What are your Top 3 Priorities? And,

– What are your Concerns in achieving these Goals?


What Our CLIENT say

"My previous experience with financial/investment advisors in banks was not very pleasant. I found it takes luck to find an advisor who puts your interest first. Winnie is alike that. She spends a lot of time getting to know me and understand my goals and priorities. She is very analytical, which fits my way of thinking too. We like to ask for her opinions before we make any investment decisions."

Jack Wong, IT professional

"I have known Winnie for many years. When I started my online education firm, her team helped me set up my financial and tax framework. Over the past 4 years, she proactively initiates reviews with me and has recommended and executed tax efficient strategies continuously when she sees an opportunity. She's really a Financial Advisor who actually acts as your business partners. "

Jessie, Small Business Owner